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Our Musical Director

We are very pleased to introduce our new Musical Director, Andy Townsend. Andy is a talented musician with a passion for community bands. He started playing the cornet at the age of 11, and quickly developed his skills to become an accomplished musician. He began his musical journey with his school brass band, and in addition played with a reservist’s band and a local based concert band and symphony orchestra. Andy has conducted a number of bands over the years,


Andy's dedication to community bands stems from his belief in the value of music as a unifying force. He understands that music can bring people from all walks of life together, and create a sense of belonging and purpose.  Over the years Andy has performed extensively around Europe, the United States and Canada.  

Andy says:  “I am delighted to accept the position of musical director for Goring and Streatley Concert Band. As a seasoned musician, I have always been passionate about creating and performing music. It's an honour to be entrusted with this role and I'm excited to work with the band to develop its musical talent and potential. I am looking forward to working closely with each member of the band to bring out their unique talents and abilities, while also developing the group as a whole. I believe that by working together, we can create a sound that is not only beautiful but also inspiring. I am excited to be part of this journey and can't wait to see where it takes us.“

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